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Professor, Ph.D.,
Environmental Economics


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Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Sophia University
7-1 Kioicho,Chiyoda-ku Tokyo,102-8554


Course Materials for International Graduate Course

Autumn Semester 2018

IPCC WGII Final report

Papers (English)

Sakaue, S., K. Yamaura and T. Washida (2015), “Regional and Sectoral Impacts of Climate Change Under International Climate Agreements,”
International Journal of Global Warming, forthcoming.

Washida, T., K. Yamaura and S. Sakaue (2014), “Computable General Equilibrium Analyses of Global Economic Impacts and Adaptation for Climate Change: the Case of Tropical Cyclones” International Journal of Global Warming 6(4):466-499.

"On the effects of information and expected cooperation in utilizing CPR: An experimental approach", pdf
presented on International Symposium on New Development in Environmental Economics, Nov. 22, 2008.

"Comparison between Nash Equilibrium and Bargaining Solution based on the Integrated
Simulation Model for Climate Change, " (October 6, 2008), pdf

"Stability of Nash equilibrium in the private provision of public goods," 2006/7/16, pdf.
(Japanese version was published 2008/3)

"Economy-wide Model of Rebound Effect for Environmental Efficiency," 2004/2/22, pdf
(Japanese version was already published in one of my books.)

"Weighting Across Safeguard Subjects for LCIA through the Application of Conjoint Analysis,"
International Journal of LCA, 2003, (with Norihiro Itsubo, Masaji Sakagami, Katsuhiko Kokubu, and Atsushi Inaba)

"Economic Valuation of the Seto Inland Sea by Using an Internet CV Survey," (with T.Tsuge)
Marine Pollution Bulletin, vol 47/1-6, pp 230 - 236, 2003.

"Environmental Structure and the Index of Environmental Ability,"
The Progress in Environmental Resource Accounting Approach, Imai Syuppan, 2002/12/, pp.1-4.

"Conjoint Analysis for Land use attibutes inclusive of tropical rain forest:Survey at the rural and
suburb areas near Pasoh Forest Reserve," Research Report of the NIES/FRIM/UPM joint Research Report,
(with K.Kuriyama, T.Okuda), 2001, pp.214-220.

"Measuring the Benefit of Preserving Coastal Ecosystem: Comparison
between Contingent Valuation Method and Conjoint Analysis"
(with K. Takeuchi, K. Kuriyama) Environmental Sciences, Vol.7, No.3, 2000, 119-128.

"Material Dissipative Conditions and the Impossibility of Complete Recycling," pdf
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Vol.9, No.3, pp.271-288, 1998.

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"Ecosystem Configuration Consequent on the Maximum Respiration Hypothesis," pdf
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"The Oil Saving Efficiency of Recycling Technology for Waste Plastics,"
Journal of Applied Input-Output Analysis. Vol.2, No.1, November 1994. pdf

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"Growth Potential in a Noncapitalist Economy,";
The Economic Studies Quarterly, Vol.39, No.1,March 1988.


JaGams (GUI for GMAS executable on MacOSX, 2009/12/15)
sLex (Software for Economic and Sociological Experiment, 2008/11/05)
GRAS (Global Ramsey-model Simulator for Global Warming Policy, 2008/2/6)
Xnlp (Nonlinear programming software, 2008/2/16)